September 2019 Prayer Gram

Global Refugee Outreach: Upcoming Mission Trip 

Please pray for our team, led by Josh Clarke, traveling to share the gospel, hope and help with those in need both inside and near Middle Eastern refugee camps, on September 27–October 6.  Pray that our team will reach many who in turn will become missionaries to their own people groups, some of whom lack access to the gospel in very desperate situations in spiritually isolated locations.  For more information about this effort, click on the link below. 2 Corinthians 1: 3—7.

Cuba Mission Trip 

Remember in prayer our team scheduled to serve in Cuba on October 3—6.  They are David Moore, Angie Moore, Rusty Favorite, Michelle Favorite, Dustin Manis, Mischelle Manis, Mike Talkington, and David Johnson. Romans 10: 14—15.

Obstacles and Opposition in a Security Sensitive Area

Our team in a security sensitive area in South Asia has been hit with an outbreak of dengue fever.  Please pray for their quick and full recovery. One of our leaders in the area is helping and witnessing to villagers dealing with power outages and supply cut-offs due to the peak Monsoon season.  Please also pray for a new sister, whose family beat and expelled her from the village after she decided to follow Christ. One of our local leader’s families is now caring for her. Pray for this courageous woman and for all those sharing the good news and love of Christ no matter the obstacles. 2 Corinthians 11: 23—12: 10. 

Still More Good News from Cameroon

Our brother Leo and another leader recently had a very challenging journey on the way to one of the remaining unreached, unengaged people groups (UUPG).   They first traveled four days by vehicle and motorcycle and then walked for a long distance into the jungle. The Lord truly blessed their introduction to this particular UUPG.  In a place not far from the UUPG, the two-man team met a French-speaking nurse who just then was treating and hosting in her own home a woman and her daughter from that UUPG. Our brother Leo shared the gospel with them, and both the nurse and the UUPG woman placed their faith in Christ!  The two-man team went with the woman and her daughter back to their village, where they met a group of men returning home from working in the fields. Three of them immediately became Christ followers and agreed to start hosting a group of believers in one of their homes! Then, on the way to the woman’s home, two more people became Christ followers!  The next steps will be for another team to return to the village with audio Bibles to help teach and disciple the new believers in this UUPG, which has a high rate of illiteracy. Thank the Lord for blessing the work there and the introduction of our team to the UUPG in such an effective and unforeseen way. Acts 1: 8.

Family Reunion Gets Larger in Mauritius

In June and August, we reported that our sister Doriane had led her mother and five other relatives to Christ after many years of complete separation and estrangement.  Recently, Doriane also led her father to faith in Christ and participated in baptizing him. Let’s give thanks and rejoice with this family growing in Christ. Acts 11: 14.  

Spiritual Battle in DR Congo

Our brother Michel reports that Daniel, a local leader, has helped form and disciple two groups of believers among eight new Christ followers within a certain tribe in the DR Congo.  Daniel reports strong opposition there due at least in part to hostile spiritual forces. Please pray that more and more new believers will “be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” and that they will “put on the full armor of God” in the ongoing spiritual struggle. Ephesians 6: 10—20.

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