September 2020 Prayer Gram

Powerful Answer to Prayer

During our special project of 31 Days of Prayer in March, we shared daily prayer prompts. For Saturday, March 14, our Doulos family prayed for “our Ghanaian brother Isaac, who has been praying, working, and searching in Guinea to find persons of peace in order to share the Gospel with a particular unengaged, unreached people group.” We prayed that the Lord would “bless Isaac’s efforts and that the Lord will call new believers and disciple-makers both in Ghana and in Guinea.”  

Now we are able to report that among this particular people group, with no known Christians ever before among them, eight now are following the Lord! All eight have been baptized. Thank the Lord for your prayers for Isaac and this people group, and thank the Lord for answering.  Ephesians 3:20-21.

The Gospel is Being Taken to All Nations and Shared with All People Groups

The Gospel continues to change lives among those imprisoned in the DR Congo, where our brother Michel faithfully has been sharing the good news and discipling prisoners. At the link below is a brief video clip from the recent baptisms of six more new believers.

Below is a photo of one of 15 recent baptisms in Bangladesh, in an area where many others oppose the Gospel.      

September 2020 Prayer Gram

Our brother Dave Marrett has provided an update on disaster relief food distributions in a security sensitive area of South Asia. That work opened doors for teams to share the Gospel in many villages. One village leader called all the village elders together to hear the Gospel, and then each elder called their sons together to hear the good news. Dave reports that many have repented and placed their faith in Jesus.   

Our brother Isaac reports that team leaders in Nigeria and Niger are training new believers among the Fulani and Tamashek people groups. Isaac reports that many among these nomadic herders, shepherds, and their families, once known for spreading Islam, are turning to Christ. Below are pictures from the training sessions.  

September 2020 Prayer Gram
September 2020 Prayer Gram

Pray for all the workers, new believers, and the lost in all these nations. Matthew 24:14.

Helping Refugees in Mozambique

Our brother Ademola and Bilhah, his wife, request our prayers for the many refugees fleeing from Islamist terrorism in northeastern Mozambique. The violence has been ongoing for about three years and has worsened in recent months. Ademola and Bilhah are sharing the love of Christ with many who have experienced great turmoil. Among them, please pray specifically for Juana and Henriqueta, who do not know if their husbands and children are still alive; for Jumo Mwamudo, who does not know the whereabouts of his wife and two children; for Justina Tomás, who lost her husband and mother; for Nknomba Asani, who is missing his wife and daughter; and for many others like them. Romans 12:13.

Prayer Requests from the “Deaf Reaching Deaf for Christ”

Door International, one of our ministry partners, has asked for prayer for the fledgling Chronological Bible Translation class among the deaf in the town of Sunyani, Ghana, a regional capital among the Bono people group. Pray also for the 2×2 teams in various countries to continue to be able to connect and communicate with people despite social distancing rules during the pandemic. Praise the Lord for the increasing acceptance of Nigerian sign language, which will make it easier to share the Gospel with the deaf in that country. Acts 2:6-11.

Prayer Requests from New Generations

New Generations, one of our ministry partners focused on starting movements of disciple-making and church-planting around the world, has asked for prayer for a ministry leader facing intense governmental scrutiny in an unnamed country. The attention apparently resulted from the leader having contacted people on a government watch list. The government also has been revoking visas of missionaries. Pray for the ministry leaders and also for the government officials involved. 1 Timothy 2:1-4.

Finally, pray for the poor and for the disciples and church planters trying to reach them during yet another 2020 crisis in East Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Besides the pandemic, the region is facing the worst plague of locusts in decades, due in part to heavy rains and flooding. Pray for the people to turn to the Lord and pray for wisdom, grace, and perseverance among the disciples and church planters. Galatians 2:10.

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