September Prayer Gram

Thank You

We give thanks to all our supporters, donors, partners, missionaries, Board members and especially to the Lord for the joy and blessings resulting from our 10th Anniversary Gala on August 25.  Your joyful participation in the work in the field brings to mind the events described in Acts 16 and the aftermath, when the Apostle Paul heeded the message in a vision and led his team into Europe.  As now, the work was not easy, with Paul and Silas suffering beatings and imprisonment.  But many people, even the jailer and his family, came to know the Lord through the same gospel message we share today.  Then the Philippian believers joined eagerly in helping Paul to spread the gospel further and to plant churches elsewhere (Philippians 4:10-18).  Just as Paul thanked his fellow believers and partners in the faith, so we also thank you and pray that the Lord will bless you and “supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

Pray that the story of Acts 16 and the Letter to the Philippians will continue to be repeated all over the world as we and our partners take the gospel to new places and make disciples there who in turn will take the gospel to their neighbors and to more new places.  Pray that we will continue sharing the love of Christ and His gospel, baptizing and teaching wherever He leads.  Pray that we will make disciples and plant churches faithfully and effectively, joyfully and efficiently.

More Miracles Reported in India

At the Gala we heard some remarkable stories of the Lord’s miraculous powers.  Recently we have learned of more spiritual and physical healings.  Our brother Thomas visited a village and learned of the suffering of a 7-year-old girl named Premalata, who had endured severe stomach pains for three years.  Witchcraft and black magic had failed to help.  Then, following the prayers of believers, the Lord healed Premalata.  As a result, she and her parents are now following Christ.

Also, Thomas encountered a 4-year-old girl named Saphira, who had been suffering terribly from malaria for 15 days.  Doctors, magicians, and animal sacrifices had not helped her.  In this instance, spiritual healing came first.  The family heard the gospel and turned to Jesus as their savior.  Then, after much prayer to the Lord, Saphira was healed of malaria.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful works that He still accomplishes today both spiritually and physically.

Persecution of Christian Leaders

Our Sister Renuka teaches the gospel in an area in which Hindu extremists have been attacking and beating Christians in India.  Some recently barged into her home during a group meeting to question and intimidate her.  They threatened her with death unless she stopped the meetings.  A widow with two children, Renuka has relocated to her mother’s house in order to protect her family.  Pray for our sister and her family and the believers she is leading.  Pray that the Lord would strengthen and protect them and grant them wisdom in dealing with spiritual enemies.  Pray also that the love and truth of Christ would overwhelm those who are persecuting Him and His followers like Renuka.  Acts 9: 1—22.

Taking the Gospel to Comoros

Like the Apostle Paul heeding the call to go to Macedonia, our brother Kenny Fong has felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to Comoros, a nation of islands off the east coast of Africa and northwest of Madagascar.  (Kenny and his wife, Frieda, have done most of their recent gospel work in Mauritius, off the east coast of Madagascar.)  He knew nobody in Comoros.  Since arriving there, he has reported connecting with three believers with the underground church and training them more completely in the gospel.  He also has met a man named Rafiou, who is open to hearing the gospel.  Pray for Kenny, Frieda and for the believers in Comoros and for those who are open to hearing about Christ.

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