Stories from the Field: Pedro’s Story

stories from the field

As the next in our “Stories from the Field” series, we want to share with you the story of a young man named Pedro. We have shared Pedro’s story before, but wanted to take a minute to provide an overview of his story and how God has changed his life.

Pedro’s Story

When Pedro was 21, he had only studied through the 9th grade. At 22, he became a mason but was not making much money; therefore, he started chopping sugar cane with a machete.

In December of 1991, at 22 years old, Pedro heard about Christ. By March of the next year, he was spreading the Gospel. In June of 1993, Pedro was baptized and started teaching the Gospel part time.

God kept tugging at his heart to work for the Kingdom full time; however, he could not financially afford to make that move. So he continued on with life as normal. Since God was calling him to full-time ministry and he continued to ignore that call, Pedro started getting hurt chopping sugar cane. In 1995, he chopped off the middle toe of one of his feet. After this event, Pedro decided to stop ignoring God and made Kingdom work his full-time job.

In 1996 he met his wife, whom he married in 1997. One thing is certain about Pedro – next to his love for the Lord, he adores his wife. He describes her as “the perfect helpmate” for him.

Over the next several years, Pedro finished his basic studies through the 12th grade and completed a bachelor’s degree in theology, graduating in 2000. In 2001, Pedro received a call and started working with World Link Ministries.

To date, Pedro has been working 24 years full-time serving the Lord.

Pedro’s Gratitude

Pedro is a key part of what Doulos is doing in the field with their partner World Link in Cuba. After starting out as a church planter himself, Pedro now oversees the church planters throughout the island. Three people directly report to Pedro, giving him updates on what God is doing among the churches across the island.

To World Link, Doulos, and all of the donors, Pedro wants to extend his appreciation. He said very sincerely, “I am so thankful for you all helping me make it (serving the Lord full-time) a reality.”

Every month, Pedro visits one of the provinces in the country. He leads his team, motivates church planters to evangelize to those around them, and is even opening up a new church right now. This will be the fourth church that Pedro planted himself.

Pedro is no doubt a man of God, a gentleman, and someone whom we love dearly. He has been helping rebuild churches that were destroyed from Irma – with his own hands.

Pedro said it best himself: “The Lord traded my machete for a sword (the Bible).”

Please take a minute to pray for Pedro and his wife. Pray for the work they are doing in the field and for the Lord to continue to keep him healthy and strong.

Help Make a Difference in the Lives of People in Cuba

Want to help transform the lives of church planters like Pedro? Consider investing in our Kingdom work in the field. With our board covering all of the administrative costs, 100% of all donations go directly to the field.

Can’t give? Pray. Pray for the people of Cuba, for the church planters, and for our amazing team in the field.