Should I Take My Family on a Summer Mission Trip?

summer mission trip

We believe that every facet of our lives as believers should reflect the calling of the Great Commission, and that extends to demonstrating a missional life to our children. Whether you’re going across the ocean or across the fence, spending some time intentionally ministering to others with your family can make a huge difference in how your family operates, how you view the world around you, and how you choose to spend your resources.

Read on for a few things to consider if you’re thinking about going on a summer mission trip with your family this year.

Obedience to Christ

The most important reason to make spreading the gospel a priority with your family is that God has asked us to do so. We can tell our children about the importance of obeying God’s commands all we want, but until they see us living it out, they won’t believe that we believe it. Take your children to India or take them across town, but make it a priority to help them fulfill their role in the Great Commission by going.

Cultural Exposure

It’s easy to live in a bubble here in the United States. Most of us have everything we need, right at our fingertips, and so it can be tough to remember (especially for your kids) that many places in the world aren’t like that. Spending time in a place where you’re a little uncomfortable, where you don’t have every amenity available whenever you want it, is good for your family—and it gives you a chance to see God in a way you never have before.

A Change in Your Children’s Perspective

We all want our kids to grow up with a missional mindset, ready to sacrifice their own comfort for the good of another. But that doesn’t just happen. In order to learn how serve others, our kids need to have the opportunity to do so. Yes, these opportunities exist all around us, every day—but taking a summer mission trip as a family can be a great starting point for a lifetime of serving others with a glad heart.

A Summer Mission Trip is Just the Beginning

We’re dedicated to funding church planters in their native country because we know how important it is to reach the world with the good news of Christ. For your family, a summer mission trip could be the beginning of a transformation in your hearts and minds—a shift in focus from “What can God do for us?” to “What can we do in obedience to God?”

If you’re interested in supporting church planters through Doulos Partners, take a look at all the ways your family can get involved.