This Christmas, Give The Gift of God!

the meaning of christmas

Christmas is quickly approaching! Lights have gone up, trees are filling homes with the scent of pine, and Christmas music is playing in every store. It’s such a joyous and beautiful time. For once a year, everyone seems a little lighter. Perhaps it is the decorative atmosphere, or perhaps it is because we are all reminded that our Savior was born.

While He is with us in every season, the ever-present reminder of his birth through decorations and music might be what helps fill our minds with peace. As a Christian nonprofit, we are simply thrilled to celebrate His birth again!

(Let us all keep God at the center of our lives this Christmas!)

The Meaning Of Christmas

Christmas represents the birth of baby Jesus, but His birth is thought of as more of a gift. God sent His son to save our lives. What better gift could there be!

Jesus is a symbol of hope and peace. He was brought here to teach us of our Heavenly Father. He spent His whole life sharing the good news tirelessly to many who protested His name, and despite it all, He still sacrificed His life on the cross to forgive us of our sins.

One thing is clear: giving. The giving started from God and was continued through Jesus. And we continue to receive their grace daily.

This is what we celebrate on Christmas. We celebrate the day Jesus Christ was born, and we do so by rejoicing in the gift of giving.

Giving and Receiving

It’s typical to plan the basic presents for your family and friends. Children love games and art supplies, adults love practical and entertaining items like dishes or movies. Every individual has a set of unique likes, and a thoughtful gift is a great way to celebrate just how unique God made us!

Giving and receiving are both important aspects of Christmas. For, if we never received Christ, we would be missing out on eternal life! For this reason, it is wonderful to relish in the gifts you receive, and to feel delighted when a gift you give is well received.

Those who bless others will be abundantly blessed themselves; Those who help others are helped. -Proverbs 11:25

So, go ahead! Enjoy the excitement of both giving and getting, but also be sure you are doing so in His name.  

Remember To Give Him

Through all of the excitement that Christmas brings, remember to keep Him in the forefront of your mind. He is the reason we get to rejoice, after all.

Many people in the world have never met God. They do not get to experience this type of joy. Would it not be great to pay it forward?

Every Christmas, we should be reminded that while Jesus was born, His word has still not reached every corner of the earth. In planning our Christmas list of gifts, maybe it would be nice to add one extra gift: the gift of God.

Reach out and try to tell one extra soul about His love! When someone becomes a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, they receive eternal life. What better present could we, as humans, give?

Doulos Partners is a Christian nonprofit that works to raise money to help Christian organizations plant churches across the world. Every single donation goes straight into the field, and to date, we have given the gift of Christ to over 2 million individuals!

If you are interested in helping us share His love this Christmas, please donate today. We assure you that every penny given will be used to celebrate and educate more people about the kingdom of Heaven!