What Do We Do on Mission Trips?

mission trips

We go on a number of mission trips every year, visiting a wide variety of countries all over the world. But what is the purpose of these trips? What exactly are we doing while overseas?

Our purposes are as varied as the locations themselves, but whenever we journey to another country, our goal is to use our time there in the most effective way possible to build the Kingdom of God. In fact, one of the main reasons we go to the field annually is not only to be a part of the work on the field, but to be a part of the accountability process on behalf of our donors. As they entrust us with their donations, we want to be able to say to them that we have been on the ground and have been an active part of what is taking place on their behalf.

Let’s take a look at our 2018 mission trips to see what we did and what we will do.

Jordan, Germany, and Austria Mission Trip

We traveled to these countries in late February through early March as a part of our Global Refugee Outreach initiative. Our purpose was to visit refugees living both inside and outside of refugee camps, to meet the leaders of our initiative in these areas, and to see how the work is progressing. While there, we went inside the camps as allowed in order to speak to the people there, and we also shared the message of the gospel outside of the camps. We met physical needs as well as emotional and spiritual ones, and we listened as these displaced people told us their stories.

This trip was a fast-paced one, and it was an incredible chance to see the GRO initiative firsthand and see what the Lord is doing among a people who otherwise may never have heard His name.

Tanzania Mission Trip

We will journey to Tanzania on a mission trip in July to join a group from our Africa partner, Reaching Souls, as part of this vision tour. While there, we will see the work of our national missionaries and look at how the Lord is building His church in Africa.

We’ll also get to experience worship, hear powerful testimonies, participate in missionary training, and much more!

Cuba Mission Trip

When we head to Cuba in November, we’ll have the opportunity to experience the Lord’s work in a dictator-controlled country and see how the gospel is moving in spite of opposition. We’ll also get to spend time with new believers, worship alongside them, baptize them, and pray with them! The Cuba trip is an amazing opportunity for any Christian, and we look forward to seeing God’s hand on the believers in that country.

Please Pray for Us!

Whenever we journey to another part of the world, we ask for people to cover us in prayer. Some of the places we visit are not friendly to Christianity, and while we know that the Lord watches over us, we also know that prayer matters to Him – and so we ask for your prayers of protection, wisdom, and understanding as we enter into foreign cultures and speak truth to the people there.

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