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Help Us Empower The Indigenous

Doulos Partners helps to empower indigenous leaders around the world to advance the Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship and church planting.


Our Impact at a Glance

Doulos Partners is a nonprofit in Birmingham, Alabama that acts as a missions mutual fund for other Christian nonprofits.

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What’s New From Doulos Partners

July 2022 Prayer Gram

By apps@dotedison.com | July 6, 2022

Our Next “First Tuesday” Prayer Gatherings in Birmingham, Alabama are July 12 and August 2For those in the Birmingham area on Tuesday, July 12, or August 2, please join us at 7:00—7:30 A.M. on those days to pray for our fellow workers sharing the gospel and planting churches, including in some dangerous places, and to…

How We Empower the Indigenous

By apps@dotedison.com | July 5, 2022

Doulos Partners works to empower indigenous peoples with the tools and resources they need to deliver the Gospel faster and more effectively around the world. Our commitment to partnering with indigenous believers and established organizations to create new churches is to spread the Gospel and turn new believers into passionate followers of Christ. To accomplish…

June 2022 Prayer Gram

By apps@dotedison.com | June 6, 2022

Our Brother Who is Facing a Possible Death Sentence for Refusing to Deny Christ Please continue to pray for our brother in a “Creative Access” nation who has been arrested for possessing and sharing gospel literature. It is possible that he could be given a death sentence.   Philippians 1: 12—14. Our Next “First Tuesday”…

Empowering the Indigenous - The Doulos Story Book Cover

About The Book

As the mission of our organization reached more ears, we encountered more and more people who were interested in learning about the unique work we do. And with more than a decade’s worth of stories, we felt prepared to share our experiences by writing Empowering the Indigenous: The Doulos Story.


This book, published in 2018, showcases the work of God that we have witnessed across the world through our church planting partners. It shows how God has used and continues to use this ministry to advance his kingdom.


You’ll find within the pages multiple accounts of Doulos Partners in the early days—how the Lord was at work in our hearts even before we knew where He was leading us. We know it’s something only God could have done.


Our hope is that the stories in this book will inspire a new understanding in you of what Jesus has called his believers to do and that it will ignite in you a renewed conviction in the Lord’s faithfulness.


You can find our book, Empowering the Indigenous: The Doulos Story, on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle. As always, we appreciate your support, encouragement and love. To God be the glory!