Our Team

Our Staff

David Johnson

President and CEO

Rusty Hicks

Chief Operations Officer

Elizabeth Vann

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Miglin

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Nathan McDivitt

Director of Development, Southeast Region

Susan Johnson

Office Manager

Brian Johnson

IT Coordinator

Alana Sharp

Social Media and Communications Manager

Our Board

The Board of Directors serves in several different capacities. First and foremost, they serve in an advisory role to the staff of the ministry. Another very important role is their fiduciary responsibility, which ensures that the money given by our partners is invested in a way that honors the Lord and advances His kingdom while making sure that the reporting is done according to IRS standards.

Our board is also actively involved in the different countries where we have church planting efforts going on. They see their involvement not only in the boardroom, but also in the mission field. Those who serve on our board are people who are serious-minded believers who see it as their role to work together in carrying out the Great Commission.

Since its inception, our board and Leadership Team has paid for 100% of the administrative costs of Doulos Partners, a Birmingham Nonprofit. As a result of that, we have been able to send all of the money given by our donors directly to the field.

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of individuals who are actively engaged in the mission of Doulos by partnering with us financially, praying for our men and women in the field, and inviting their friends to join with them in helping advance the Kingdom by empowering the indigenous. Each member brings with them a skill set and passion to see the lost reached with the gospel that allows them to give advice on a wide variety of topics and issues within the ministry. With an average age of 30, this group is the next generation of leaders both for Doulos Partners and Kingdom work around the world.

Professions of Faith
Countries & Territories Represented
Churches Planted

Statistics are cumulative since inception.